4 Tips to Buy the Right Laptop

Finding it difficult to buy the right laptop? The solution to this problem is not so straight forward. Every user has different preferences and choices and not to worry, there are different varieties of laptops even under a small budget. Since we are living in a digital age, we should make sure that the gadgets are really convenient and reliable. Here, we present you 4 tips for buying the right laptop.




  • Decide Between 2-in-1 Or Simple

Laptops today come with various benefits. The 2 in 1 allows you to bend and fold it all over in order to make it more compact and portable. Some also allow you to detach the screens completely. You should choose between these options depending upon your use and requirement. However, the flexible ones are little high-priced but there is no match to the comfort they provide.

  • Check For Keyboard And Touchpad

The most important specification of a laptop is its keyboard and the touchpad. If you really want to work day and night on your laptop, you need to ensure that the keyboard is really responsive and tactile. The touchpad experience should also be smooth and perfect.

  • Connectivity Support

Since a laptop is smaller and more compact than PC, it has less space to hold all the components of the PC. If connectivity is your big concern, check all the requirements that you would need to plug into a laptop. Large laptops having three USB ports are sufficient to all kinds of users. Besides physical connectivity, also consider the networking abilities of the laptop. Some may provide wireless networking and may not have an Ethernet plug at all.

  1. The Brand Will Speak

A good brand will always produce a good product. Keep few options in your mind before you visit the store or when you’re surfing online. Always prefer a good brand when it comes to buying an electronic gadget.

We hope these tips would help you in the process in order to pick the right laptop. Go through all the specifications carefully and then match it with your demands.

Tips You Can Use When Buying Ink Cartridges Online

The online world is becoming more versatile thus more and more consumers choose to do their shopping here most of the time. Especially these days where you can hardly see a people just being idle, it is understandable indeed why they embrace the online world easily.

However, there is no denying that scammers are not only popular in the real world but also on the internet. That said, you should be cautious when buying things online. Note that anyone can post things for sale online. They can always make their page look real.

As you need to be really watchful when buying online, these tips might be able to help:

  1. As it will cause a lot of hassle if you end up with the wrong item, you need to be sure that what you order is really the right product. Familiarize first the kind of ink cartridge your printer is using and be sure to know the number of the printer.
  2. Check out online for tips when it comes to these products and check for recommendations. You can also check the options when it comes to the sellers and check the reviews about them as well.
  3. As mentioned above, you need to check your options meticulously. Be sure that you will only deal with an online supplier that is already counting years in their business and that is reputable. You have to also ask around from your network for some recommendations.
  4. Check out their website if they have valid details like email address and telephone number. If they have a physical outlet, that would be much better but even without one, they can still be trusted as long as they are not a fraud. It should be your call to assure that.
  5. Check out more than one supplier for you to make a comparison. Even if you think that you are already with the best provider, you should still check out others even if just to make a comparison. You never know if something good will come out from this and you might find a better provider.

Understanding The Risks To Data On RAID Drives

Due to the fact that most RAID drives have a built-in redundancy and mirror data across hard drives, people often assume their data is completely protected. Unfortunately that isn’t true, and there are still risks to data on RAID drives that you need to be aware of.

First and foremost you should always remember that the redundancy in RAID drives exists to protect it from the risk of a single hard drive failing. But there are other risks that RAID drives do not (and cannot) protect against, such as:

  • File deletion

When a file is deleted on a RAID drive, that deletion is immediately mirrored across all hard drives in the RAID – meaning that the file will be gone and cannot be restored by rebuilding the RAID. Other data recovery methods will need to be used, and may be successful if the data isn’t overwritten.

It is worth noting that file deletion can be accidental, or it could be caused by bugs or malware and viruses that wipe out some files.

  • Corrupted data

If a file on a RAID drive is corrupted, the corrupted data will be replicated across the RAID and rebuilding it will not fix the data. Sometimes (but not always) corrupted data can be recovered using recovery software, but it is generally best to restore it from a backup.

Typically data can be corrupted by viruses or malware, or it may be an early sign that a hard drive is starting to fail. As a rule it is better to be safe rather than sorry, and replace a hard drive in a RAID that starts to contain corrupted data.

  • Fires, floods, theft and other threats

Due to the fact that the RAID drive is in a single location, it is exposed to various threats such as fires, floods, theft, and so on – all of which could compromise its data. If the RAID drive is damaged some data may be recoverable depending on the extent of the damage – but if it is completely destroyed or stolen then all data will be lost.

  • Multiple disk failures

As mentioned previously RAID drives are designed to have a redundancy in case a single drive fails. However if multiple drives fail that redundancy will not suffice, and data will be lost. The risk of multiple disk failures is higher than most people realize because RAID drives often consist of identical hard drives that were manufactured in the same batch. Because of that as the hard drives age the risk of them failing at around the same time is high.

Why Choose To Shop With Prime Cables

Are you looking for office supplies, computer accessories, and similar products? If that is the case, you are on the right page. This article will introduce you to Prime Cables.

Why am I so confident in recommending Prime Cables?

  1. Competitive prices

They can offer the most competitive prices because of the fact that this company is directly working with their manufacturers. In fact, not only that competitive prices will be guaranteed, you can also expect dependable services from their staff.

  1. Free shipping

If you order at least $49, they will ship for free when the destination is in Canada. It will be shipped through Canada Post Expedited Parcel and tracking information will be provided as well.

  1. Delivery is quick

Because their warehouse is huge enough to accommodate their products, they can easily ship every order from their clients. In fact, within just 24 hours after you confirmed your order, the good will be on the way immediately to your doorstep.

  1. Reliable 24/7 customer care

If there are problems about their products or services, you can trust that they will act on them right away. They provide 24/7 customer care through chat, hotline, and email.

Prime Cables know how stressful it is when the order you receive is not the right one. You surely want to talk to the provider right away thus they made sure you can really get in touch with them immediately.

  1. They are safe and secured. If you will check their website, you can see a padlock icon. But that is not just the feature that can make you feel secured. All the information you disclose to them is also encrypted SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This feature will prevent other people from viewing your details.

One year guarantee

Yes, they provide one year guarantee and life warranty to their cables. You can also return the products received that are defective within 2 years of receipt. For more information about their policies, you can check their website.

It is important that when you are shopping for online providers, you have to check everything especially the safety and security aspect. You have to set some standards so that you can base on them your criteria. It is just a good thing that Prime Cables has a higher chance of becoming everyone’s favorite.