Event Management: 3 Of Your Biggest Staff Planning Strategies Solved

Working in the event service industry is full of excitement since each new project represents another opportunity to show your innovative thinking and ability to think on the fly. Yet, there are some challenges that you can head off before they begin by incorporating technology into your strategic planning. For most planners, managing the workforce is the hardest part of pulling off a stellar event, and you can use these tips to get your crew assembled and follow up on the results instantly.

Your Staff Has Flexible Schedules

Since the demand for staff varies among events, it is common for your crew to have several part-time jobs or other responsibilities. While this does help to keep the cost of labor low, it presents a huge problem when it takes multiple phone calls and emails to figure out who is available for which dates. Crew scheduling software simplifies this process by allowing you to post upcoming events so that your staff can highlight when they are available.

Communication Gets Lost In the Process

Dealing with multiple avenues of communication gets complicated, and you can waste hours out of your day trying to connect with your crew. This is especially true when one prefers email and another prefers phone calls. Not to mention the frustration that occurs when you find that an email was buried beneath fifty others that was supposed to let you know that a crew member was sick. For this reason, you need to streamline your communication strategy to where everyone’s information goes to one place. As you update your strategies with crew scheduling software, keep in mind that it can also be used to communicate with your staff so that no message gets left out of your planning.

The Paperwork Is Out of Control

Shuffling spreadsheets of schedules and payroll information gets cumbersome. It can also get you into a world of trouble if you fail to properly track your crew’s time sheets and compensate them accordingly. Then, you run into even more problems as you try to figure out travel costs and booking schedules. Stop digging through files that just add up to more electronic clutter, and consolidate it all using your crew scheduling software. As a bonus, you can even use the information gleaned on your electronic forms to analyze the quality of your crew so you know who should be your go-to staff members for your next event.

Ditch the stress for your next event season by using new software to automate your processes. Then, kick back as your crew responds to opportunities to work at your events while knowing that you have conquered one of your biggest workforce challenges. By incorporating a little technology into your management strategies, you can focus on the other little details that make your event shine.

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